ARMANDO EDITORI – Lasciate socchiuse le porte –

This volume is part of a prestigious series on literary criticism with a comparative and theoretical approach. It publishes critical works that explore the production of the imaginary across various codes and languages, from literary to visual and performative. Translations of significant foreign authors contribute to the project of outlining an original and current critical landscape on the central issues of international debate. Works in the various fields of comparative literature, from thematology to geocriticism, as well as in theory and critical method, are welcomed.

AWAND – Interview

Awand is an Italian magazine that publishes articles on art and creativity. In this issue. I was interviewed with photographs from my Forgotten Memories project.

#Territori – Racconti italiani tra persone e luoghi

Twenty free author’s narratives and twenty very different places for a trip to all the Italian regions. From the high altitude paths of the Stelvio Park to the welcome on the border of the island of Lampedusa, from the territories hit by storm Vaia to the urban laboratory of Taranto. In these pages we talk about meetings, contami

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Rock’N’Roll is a state of the soul

This book celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the Summer Jambooree festival in Senigallia, Italy, collecting the photos exhibited in the traveling exhibition created specifically for the anniversary. The exhibition “Rock’n’roll is a state of the soul” aims to capture the very essence of rock’n’roll, past and present, which through the gaze of the Summer Jamboree is precisely that. A state of the soul. A state of mind that embraces love and sharing

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MARE – 20 years of images

This book celebrates the 20th anniversary of MARE magazine, published for the first time on April 9, 1997. A magazine that produced great reportages from the world with a common point of view: the sea.

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American Photography 32

The project Displacement – New Town No Town, has been selected as winner by the jury of American Photography 32, which presents all the winning images from the annual competition held in February 2016 in New York City.

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Il Presente – FOTOGRAFIA Festival Internazionale di Roma

Displacement – New Town No Town has been selected for FOTOGRAFIA Festival Internazionale di Roma – XIV edition.
Macro – Museo of Contemporary Art in Rome, 2014.

Reflections – Photography Festival Organ Vida

This is the catalogue of the 6th International Photography Festival Organ Vida in Zagreb in 2014. My work Monia was selected to be exhibited during the Festival.

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American Photography 30

The work Toiling Tunisia, has been selected as winner by the jury of American Photography 30, which presents the winning images from the annual competition held in February 2014 in New York City.

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Take Reportage

Take has teamed up with the amazing Reportage team to bring you the Take / Reportage Issue. A celebration of the photographers producing the best documentary work around the world.

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American Photography 29

My work, Forgotten memories, has been selected as winner by the jury of American Photography 29, which presents all the winning images from the annual competition held in February 2013 in New York City.

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Racconto per Immagini 2010 – L’impegno di Sky

Over the years, Sky also provided concrete assistance to disadvantaged people, supporting solidarity projects such as the creation of a pediatric emergency room in earthquake-stricken L’Aquila, Italy, and of an orphanage in Bomet, Kenya.

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Burn.02 is an hybrid of magazine and book. A limited edition magazine will become a collected “book”. About 80% of the works are original works. Not even seen before in Burn online.

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#001 Moon Landing

The inside of Montura, who for years has been clothing ideas, bodies and aims of those who are explorers by nature, is to think that photography can function as a lens for magnifying the multiple ways the sport can transform young kids, center them, ground them, tie them together.

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This book was commissioned by the office of Environmental Policy of the Veneto Region. Insights and proposals to improve the environmental issues of Lake Garda.

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L’oeil en Seyne

Some shadows looming on a street that illuminate the windows of very popular (crowded) restaurants and bars. The time of war is so far that it has having Giovanni Cocco say “It’s hard to imagine that there has been four years of siege”.

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