Burn.02 is an hybrid of magazine and book. A limited edition magazine will become a collected “book”. About 80% of the works are original works. Not even seen before in Burn online.

Originally seen right here, this is why they asked me to publish, as an exception, my work Vanishing in “color”.


Photographer works: Christopher Anderson, Giovanni Cocco, Michelle Frankfurter, Bruce Gilden, Eva Leitolf, Karen Mirzoyan, Stefanie Mueller, Paolo Pellegrin, Alisa Resnik, Danny Wilkox Frazier, Irina Werning and Michael Loyd Young.

Curator/Publisher David Alan Harvey – Magnum
Creative Direction /Photoeditor Diego Orlando

181 pages
23×29,5 cm
€ 35

burn02 is a product of burnmagazine