The inside of Montura, who for years has been clothing ideas, bodies and aims of those who are explorers by nature, is to think that photography can function as a lens for magnifying the multiple ways the sport can transform young kids, center them, ground them, tie them together.

 Not only. At the foundation of his work there’s the idea that images can describe a certain iciness and the way in which body assimilates the movement. From this well-entrusted faith in the images is born “Moon Landing”, natural extension of Montura’s “Searching a new way” series of books. Montura has placed 4 professional photographer side by side kids of “World Schools’ Campionship 2010” in Folgaria, Lavarone, Luserna, in Trentino alto Adige, Italy.



Luca Gatalano Gonzaga
Giovanni Cocco
Daniele Lira
Francesco Zizola

Project and editorial coordination:
Marco Baldovin

Creative direction and graphics:
Giacomo Paolini and Mauro Aquilanti

100 pages
21 x 28 cm