Some shadows looming on a street that illuminate the windows of very popular (crowded) restaurants and bars. The time of war is so far that it has having Giovanni Cocco say “It’s hard to imagine that there has been four years of siege”.

Only the walls get the scars that the night conceals with the light. Through the Sarajevo famous trams, Giovanni Cocco walked down Bosnian capital, brought back to the times of the fragile but tangible balance between cultures, races and religions. A travel across the heart of a youth that wants forget the past to rejoice of present and to construct the future. Giovanni Cocco’s pictures make live what Sartre said about Flaubert’s talent on romances writing: ”The inside and outside are conflated”. Giovanni Cocco sets the scene from the street to the bars, where he photographs stolen instants like peaceful moments, finally fitted under a muffled, dense and sensual light, of the most precious good: the Life that took back its rights.

Alain Mingam


Des lumières et des feux
La Seyne Sur Mer 2006

Curated by
Alain Mingam

Photos by
Philippe Bourseiller, Laurent Ballesta, Leonel de Castro, Giovanni Cocco, Cyrus Cornut, Gilles Coulon, Delphine di Pietra, Claude Dityvon, Bernard Faucon, Carsten Peter, Camille Solyagua, Gérard Uféras, Xavier Zimbardo.

68 pages
23 x 27 cm