I left for the south of France. I traveled to the Rodano River. It felt like i was in another era, in a seemingly arcane and untouched world, at a junction of land, river and sea. it was a place where i could be alone with my thoughts and memories. I witnessed dreamlike relationships between man and animal that seemed to belong to an ancient world, a world in which time has no age or shape. I found wilderness, beauty, hidden realities, and places where i could lose myself. I was with the Roma gypsies, i was with the French, i had things reminding me of ancient Rome and echoed of Spain at the same time. Man and nature seemed to co-exist in a way i had seen nowhere else. Both nature and gypsy uni-que in their temperament, at first sight it all seemed like a jumble of ponds and beaches, towns and countries, bulls, horses and flamingos. In a way, here, with man and nature living so close together, nostalgia and hope seemed to be combined into an almost tangible thing, and this deeply connected to my soul.