Garbatella and its flora are a well-kept secret of Rome.

Founded in February 1920, this exotic and unique neighbourhood is nearing its centenary. Importantly, it stands out for its distinctive architecture. The buildings, designed in the “Barocchetto romano” style and inspired by the English Garden City Movement, highlight beauty and harmony with nature.

Furthermore, Garbatella is unparalleled in Italy from that era. It boasts the highest ratio of green spaces to built-up areas. As a result, these spaces have become social hubs for generations, thriving thanks to the residents’ dedicated care.

In addition, I chose to photograph the plants here. They reflect the aesthetic, behavioral, architectural, and botanical uniqueness of the area.

With this series, I aim to offer a glimpse into this hidden treasure. I intend to reveal the neighbourhood’s flora and enchanting green spaces. Simultaneously, I strive to preserve its mystery while breathing life into its still scenes.

Lastly, this collection has been showcased across Europe, including the Institute of Italian Culture in Hamburg, Germany (2022), Acta International Gallery and Gallery 10B Photography in Rome, Italy (2021 and 2019), Page Blanche Gallery in Paris, France (2019), and Art Paris at the Grand Palais, Paris, France (2019), bringing the unique beauty of Garbatella to a wider audience.

Garbatella and its flora