Burlesque photography comes alive in ‘Burladies’, capturing the vibrant and ever-evolving world of burlesque.

This project delves into the artistry and essence of a performance tradition that has thrived from Victorian theatre to modern times, blending humor, dance, music, and unique styles like punk and fetish. I got into Burlesque photography from 2008 to 2010.

It was a fun way to poke fun at the elite. Burlesque can have strip-tease, dance, music, and laughs. But, it’s not all about strip-tease. Today, it also includes punk and fetish styles. It’s always changing, not just stuck in the past.

I take each photo with a natural, deep feeling I’ve sharpened over years. It starts inside me, moves through my whole being, and then I see it. The first burlesque show I saw hit me hard.

It made me want to see more and capture the essence. So, I traveled a lot to really understand it and stretch my creativity.

This series got noticed, mentioned in press from 2008 to 2019, by Io Donna, L’Espresso, Il Fotografo, Marie Claire in France and Greece, Tu Style, D La Repubblica delle Donne, Huffpost, P3 Fotografia, Slate Fr, Burn Magazine, Artribune, Internazionale, and Sky Arte. The press shows the project’s impact on culture and art. Burlesque photography