Every photograph I take is created through an instinctive, almost visceral approach that I have developed over the years.  It visualizes an experience that starts deep inside myself, that captures my body and my soul before reaching my eyes. The first time I attended a burlesque show, this instinct manifested itself powerfully.  And so I decided to travel far and wide, aiming to absorb the experience and to free my imagination. The present book is the result of this journey.


Print run 400 copies
Self-published, 2017
153 x 209 mm (portrait format).
96 pages
4 colour hp-indigo print on Fedrigoni Stucco Gesso 150 g/mq

Photography by Giovanni Cocco 
Design by Giovanni Cocco and Filippo Nostri
Printed and Bounded in Italy in December 2017 by Graphic Line, Faenza.


Selected Press:

2018, P3 Fotografia
2018, Slate Fr
2018, Burn Magazine
2018, Artribune
2018, Internazionale
2018, Sky Arte
2019, Enkster



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