Every photograph I take is created through an instinctive, almost visceral approach that I have developed over the years.  It visualizes an experience that starts deep inside myself, that captures my body and my soul before reaching my eyes. The first time I attended a burlesque show, this instinct manifested itself powerfully.  And so I decided to travel far and wide, aiming to absorb the experience and to free my imagination.
The present book is the result of this journey.


Print run 50 copies with Handmade Slipcase and Print
Self-published, 2017
153 x 209 mm (portrait format).
96 pages
4 colour hp-indigo print on Fedrigoni Stucco Gesso 150 g/mq

Photography by Giovanni Cocco 
Design by Giovanni Cocco and Filippo Nostri
Printed and Bounded in Italy in December 2017 by Graphic Line, Faenza.


Selected Press:

2018, P3 Fotografia
2018, Slate Fr
2018, Burn Magazine
2018, Artribune
2018, Internazionale
2018, Sky Arte
2019, Enkster



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