15 March – 15 April 2016


Reminders Photography Stronghold Gallery
131-0032, 2-38-5, Higashi-mukojima,
Sumida-ku, Tokyo. Japan


Every time I look at the work of an author who focuses on intimate relationships, I wonder what is the reason behind it. We often direct our attention on elements that are far from the emotional state; nevertheless, when we muster enough courage to look into ourselves and confront our private essence, something magical happen. These images depict a range of emotions: love, kindness, intimacy, but mostly, the author’s intention to find a bond. Giovanni seeks the reason of the years-long silence between him and his sister and chooses photography as a medium to decrypt Monia’s codes. Enrico Bossan

My work MONIA has been selected as a recipient for the 10th Reminders Photography Stronghold Grant – March 2015 – by five commissioned judges: Marie Lelièvre, Peggy Sue Amison, Hannamari Shakya, Staten Winter and Enrico Bossan. The exhibition took place to RPS Gallery in Tokyo in March 2016.