Contemporary Photography

Solo show during PARIS PHOTO week 2018

Press release

Burladies is the work that Cocco has dedicated to the art of Burlesque, since 2009 until 2013. He takes pictures of girls, places and details of burlesque suggesting his vision of this world. This reportage, partially published on the magazines «Io Donna», «L’Espresso» and «Burn Magazine», tells the story of burlesque’s women, following them from the starting ideation of their characters to the real construction of the spectacle. «I have started this reportage being attracted by colors, hairstyles, clothes; but over all I was fascinated by the irony of these women who, despite living in a stereotyped society, loved showing their body in his rounded, full figure». “Burlesque” defines a genre of parodic spectacle, born during the second half of the XIX° century in Great Britain, and, afterwards, imported in the United States. The beautiful women kidded the aristocracy of their age through music, dances and ironic and provoking manners. It was a kind of sensual before the spectacle ante litteram which has caught crowds of people of the anglo-saxon world. During the century, the «burlesque performers» have reinvented themselves as in a «girlshow». At the end of the XX° century, on the wave of vintage mode and culture, is finally born the «new-burlesque», social and costume phenomenon of our contemporary age.