2008 – 2010

Burlesque is an ancient show connected to the nineteenth-century theatre. Born during the Victorian England as popular show to make fun the powerful it is a show during which the strip-tease is only an element and not at all mandatory. As part of the show there are choreography, orchestra music, comic moments and, for the contemporary version, contaminated by fetish and punk elements. It is in fact a show which keeps evolving, not just a tribute to the past.

Every photograph I take is created through an instinctive, almost visceral approach that I have developed over the years.  It visualizes an experience that starts deep inside myself, that captures my body and my soul before reaching my eyes. The first time I attended a burlesque show, this instinct manifested itself powerfully.  And so I decided to travel far and wide, aiming to absorb the experience and to free my imagination.